Facility management

The facility management team consists of several individuals looking after our guests needs:

In the first place, our location manager. She speaks several languages, including Polish, and provides the first welcome. She gives out the keys and familiarizes new guests with the surroundings. The location manager has a key role in referring our guests to the main amenities including the local supermarket, but also to the health care system. Besides that she makes sure all guests comply with the house rules and has her own office from which she operates during reception hours.

In addition to the location manager there is a concierge available 24/7. This person may be called at any time if there's something wrong. Think of a technical failure or other questions that cannot wait until the location manager is in office.

Work and Stay has its own technical service and housekeeping. Therefore we are able to quickly and adequately respond to any technical issues.

The administration can be reached by phone 24/7, in case there are emergencies or other issues that cannot wait till the morning.

Guests at Work and Stay need to conform to the house regulations. These house rules are available in multiple languages. The location manager and concierge ensure that these regulations are observed.

Facility management